Community Bible Church


    From Evelyn Owens and Terry Beach

    Terry Beach and Evelyn Owens continue to be the contact people for this ministry. If someone wants to borrow a microscope they will need to put down a $20 deposit each time they borrow a microscope. A receipt will be given for the deposit. Microscopes may remained checked out unless there is someone waiting and there are none available. If there is a large demand for borrowing the microscopes, then individuals will be allowed to check out one for a week at a time.

    We will be available to help anyone who wishes to borrow a microscope at the following times. Please realize that we will not be available at any other times. Times we are available are as follows: Sundays: 12:30 until 12:45, 5:00-5:30, 7:20-7:45, Weds. KidsLife days 11:45-12:15, other Weds. 6:00-6:15 and 8:00-8:10. Individuals are recommended to e-mail Evelyn and let her know if you plan to pick up a microscope at a specific time so she or Terry can be prepared to meet with them.

    Please do not ask either lady to make a special trip to the church to make a loan. It will be necessary that both ladies adhere to the schedule as noted above. If we can be of assistance please email us or speak with us at church or at a homeschool meeting.


    Evelyn Owens & Terry Beach